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Beamsec Academy

Your Ultimate Partner for Cyber security Training and Awareness

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats, staying informed and prepared is not a choice, it's a necessity. At Beamsec Academy, we provide advanced and interactive cyber security training to equip your personnel with the knowledge and skills they need to stand guard against potential threats.

With our engaging learning methods that include exercises, gamification, animations, and videos, we make learning about cyber security not just informative, but also engaging and enjoyable.

What is Beamsec Academy?

Beamsec Academy is an interactive and engaging online platform designed to train personnel in information security.
Through a range of dynamic training contents, including interactive, animated, simulated, and dramatized modules, we provide a comprehensive learning environment. After each training, learners are assessed through tests, with the results reported for thorough understanding and improvement.



Exercise and Gamification

Learning is enhanced with practical exercises and gamified elements to ensure engagement and retention.

Animation and Video

Use of animated and video content for visual and interactive learning.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reports are generated after each test to assess learning outcomes and areas of improvement.

Reminder System

n email reminder system is implemented for incomplete training and tests.

Interactive Education

Offers an extensive library of interactive training contents, including the ability to create self and unlimited training.



Privatization Infrastructure

Customize existing trainings or create your own training material for a personalized learning approach.

Personnel-Based Special Training

Resend training to individuals who fail post-training tests, ensuring no one is left behind.

Corporate Customization

Add corporate branding and content for a tailored learning experience.

Instant Training

Provide immediate training to staff identified as vulnerable in phishing simulation initiation.

Test Infrastructure

Assess personnel's learning through tests at the end of each training, providing a clear understanding of success or failure.

SCORM Integration

Seamlessly integrate your organization's SCORM contents into the platform.

Question and Exam Pool

Add your own questions and exams to Beamsec Academy's educational library and test personnel using questions from various categories.

Who is it for?

Beamsec Academy is designed for organizations of all sizes that understand the importance of cyber security. It is particularly suitable for companies looking to train their staff in information security, increase their team’s awareness about phishing and other digital threats, and improve their overall cyber security strategy.


Revolutionize your cyber security strategy

Don't wait until a security breach happens. Equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to defend against digital threats.

Join Beamsec Academy today and set a strong foundation for your organization's cyber security. Click Here to Start Your Cyber security Journey with Beamsec Academy Now!


Revolutionize your cyber security strategy

Don't wait for a cyber attack to test your defenses. Get Beamsec SEMS today and take control of your electronic messaging security. Click here to schedule a demo or contact us for more information. Secure your communications, secure your business with Beamsec SEMS.

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