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Beamsec PhishTrace

A Cutting-Edge Solution for Identifying and Managing Email Threats

In the complex landscape of digital threats, Beamsec PhishTrace stands as a beacon of security. Designed to assist IT teams in efficiently identifying, managing, and mitigating potential email threats, our solution equips your organization with the tools to swiftly respond to threats.

PhishTrace transforms a daunting challenge into an easy task, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - your business.

What is Beamsec PhishTrace?

Beamsec PhishTrace is a cyber security solution designed to help IT teams prioritize and manage potential email threats reported by personnel.

It allows for swift identification and intervention of email threats, streamlining the process of threat management and enabling a quicker, more effective response.



Title & Content Analysis

Analyze the title and content of reported emails and URLs for potential threats.

Threat Classification

Group suspicious emails automatically by subject lines, senders, attachments, and URLs for effective threat management.

Attachment Analysis

Report files included in email attachments using Anti-virus and Anti-malware applications.

3rd Party Integration

Boost your detection capabilities by integrating with third-party threat intelligence resources.

Anti-virus Integration

Seamlessly integrate with security applications offering an incident response feature.

Fast Detection and Destruction

Identify and delete suspicious emails from all users swiftly with one click through Exchange integration.

Rule Creation

Customize your security by creating custom rules or editing existing YARA.

SIEM Integration

Send data to SIEM platforms to integrate with your other security components.



Outlook Add-in

Handle suspicious email transactions on a case-by-case basis without the need for additional resources.Detect, quarantine, and remove suspicious emails, and address both passive and active link addresses in suspicious emails.

Automated Email Analysis

Automatically analyze and tag email threats with YARA rules, including header, body, and file analysis. It provides automatic grouping from suspicious emails that share the same header, attached file, URL, or sender address.

Automatic Action

Respond to events automatically depending on the rules you create or independently. Actions can be set for all emails, specifically for tags, or for emails without tags.

Phishing Report

Enable personnel to detect suspicious emails through phishing simulation and education, helping to prevent vulnerabilities.

Who is it for?

Beamsec PhishTrace is an ideal tool for IT teams, cyber security professionals, and businesses of any size that place a high priority on maintaining a secure digital environment. This is particularly beneficial for organizations with extensive digital communication, where potential email threats could pose a significant risk.


Revolutionize your cyber security strategy

Start your journey towards a secure, threat-free digital environment today. Click here to learn more about Beamsec PhishTrace and discover how our solution can bring peace of mind to your organization's IT security strategy.

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