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Beamsec PhishPro

Elevate Your Cyber security Awareness with Tailored Phishing Simulations

At the intersection of technology and human behavior, cyber security threats such as phishing attacks pose a significant risk to businesses. Beamsec PhishPro empowers your organization to stay ahead of these threats. By simulating realistic phishing scenarios, our solution educates your staff, tests their vigilance, and ensures your information security standards remain robust.

Mitigate the human risk factor and turn your personnel into your first line of defense with Beamsec PhishPro.

What is Beamsec PhishPro?

Beamsec PhishPro is a comprehensive cyber security solution designed to raise awareness of phishing attacks within your organization. By simulating phishing scenarios,

Beamsec PhishPro encourages personnel vigilance and enhances overall information security. Real-time tracking of user activities, comprehensive reporting, and consistent training modules make this tool essential for any organization aiming to minimize cyber threats.



Real-Time User Activity Tracking

Capture user actions such as link clicks, file downloads, and form submissions in real time, providing crucial data for awareness training and risk assessment.

Detailed Reporting

Capture user actions such as link clicks, file downloads, and form submissions in reaUse report templates to analyze collected data and export them as a PDF for easy sharing and time, providing crucial data for awareness training and risk assessment.

Regular Training

Raise employee awareness and reinforce safe practices with regular training modules.

Phishing Simulation

Use templates to simulate phishing attacks or malicious file distributions via email or USB.

USB Simulation Test

Learn about your users' reactions to unknown USBs with marked file tests.



Unlimited Access

Enjoy unlimited access and tenancy to all features offered by Beamsec PhishPro.

Sophisticated Reporting System

Monitor departmental, group, personnel, and corporate grades with detailed report cards.

User-Friendly Interface

Synchronize with LDAP or manage staff lists with CSV.

Detailed Analysis

Benefit from department and group-based detailed analyses and reporting of phishing simulations and training results.

Versatile Attack Infrastructure

Randomly send 3 different email contents to various users.

Customization Capabilities

Customize phishing templates or web pages according to the user.

Automated Phishing

Schedule scenarios and test frequencies to automatically test, educate, and report on your employees.

Phishing Template Library

Use 300+ ready-to-use email templates with HTML & rich text infrastructure for template preparation.

Who is it for?

BEAMSEC PhishPro is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes, particularly those with large staff bases, those in sensitive industries, and those handling valuable data. It’s perfect for IT departments, cybersecurity teams, and HR departments focused on employee education and risk prevention.

Revolutionize your cyber security strategy

Take the first step towards fortifying your organization's defense against phishing attacks. Contact us today to schedule a free trial of Beamsec PhishPro and transform your staff into cyber security assets. Click here to begin your journey towards impenetrable data security.

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