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Beamsec Emcrpt

Revolutionize Your Email Security with Advanced Encryption & Secure File Sharing

Experience the epitome of cyber security with Beamsec Emcrpt, a groundbreaking platform engineered to encrypt your emails and secure your file sharing processes.

Simplifying your compliance with legislations like GDPR, Beamsec Emcrpt ensures the secure and encrypted transfer of your outgoing emails and files. Fortify your cyber ecosystem and enjoy complete control over your confidential data with our advanced security features.

What is Beamsec Emcrpt?

Beamsec Emcrpt is a state-of-the-art email encryption and secure file sharing platform designed to prioritize your digital security. It facilitates safe and encrypted transmission of outgoing emails and files, adhering to regulations such as GDPR.

It also provides a wide array of features including prevention of unauthorized email forwarding, restriction on document downloads, and extensive reporting and management of email accesses.



Secure Email and Attachment Transfer

 Safely transfer email content and attachments with password protection and an optional pin for an extra layer of security.

Content Control

Prevent the downloading of document-type attachments such as WORD, PDF, allowing only viewing, and add watermarks to protect your content.

Email Forwarding Prevention

Prevent your emails from being forwarded to other users, and control the duration of email access.

Access Reporting and Management

Receive comprehensive reports and manage accesses to your emails for enhanced security oversight.



Compliance Scanning

Scans email content for compliance violations such as GDPR, ensuring you meet all regulatory standards.

Beyond Email Security

Beamsec Emcrpt extends its advanced security features beyond email and attachments to other shared files, providing a unified secure platform for your data exchange.

Who is it for?

Beamsec Emcrpt is designed for businesses of all sizes, data-sensitive organizations, cyber security teams, and individuals concerned about the safety and privacy of their email communications and file exchanges. It is an ideal solution for businesses aiming to comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR, and for those who prioritize data security in their digital interactions.


Revolutionize your cyber security strategy

Elevate your cyber security with Beamsec Emcrpt. Don't leave your email communications and file transfers to chance. Click here to request a demo and start securing your digital exchanges with the power of encryption.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your digital assets are protected. Experience Beamsec Emcrpt today!

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