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BeamSec News Hub: Your Source for Industry Updates and Insights

Welcome to BeamSec’s News Hub, where we bring you the latest updates and insights from both our company and the wider world of cybersecurity. Our News Hub is designed to provide you with timely, relevant information, including breakthroughs, industry trends, and in-depth analyses. Stay informed on the evolving cyber threat landscape and learn how BeamSec’s innovations are at the forefront of protecting digital infrastructures. Keep abreast of the developments shaping cybersecurity and how they impact your business. Join us at the BeamSec News Hub for knowledge that empowers you to stay secure in a digital age

Introducing Emcrpt: A New Layer of Email Security
[London, 28 January 2024] - Today, we are excited to introduce our innovative solution, Emcrpt, designed to enhance email security and provide a safeguard for your sensitive data against potential…
BeamSec Participates in Libya Tech Forum with Albaraka Insurance
BeamSec, and Albaraka Insurance proudly participated together as partners at the Libya Tech Forum. Their engagement emphasized the critical importance of cyber risk insurance in today’s digital landscape.
B&B Security Named Partner of the Year by BeamSec
London, 6 February 2024 – BeamSec, a leading cybersecurity solutions provider, is excited to announce B&B Security Alliance as the Partner of the Year. B&B joined BeamSec’s partner network last…
Introducing SPARK: Partner with BeamSec for Unmatched Growth and Profitability
London, 28 February 2024,- BeamSec is excited to announce the launch of its partner program, SPARK. This program aims to foster innovation and collaboration within the cybersecurity community, empowering partners…
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