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Introducing Emcrpt: A New Layer of Email Security

[London, 28 January 2024] – Today, we are excited to introduce our innovative solution, Emcrpt, designed to enhance email security and provide a safeguard for your sensitive data against potential threats. Emcrpt serves as a valuable enhancement to existing email systems such as Microsoft Outlook, providing an additional layer of security to prevent the efforts of attackers to intercept and manipulate communications between two parties and reduce the risk of users falling victim to phishing frauds and malicious emails

The Underlying Issues with Traditional Email Systems

“Traditional email is inherently insecure, and not designed to protect sensitive data and safeguard intellectual property.” stated by Murat Guvenc, Director of Global Business Development & Channels at BeamSec.

Emcrpt’s robust encryption features prevent email forwarding to unauthorized parties, rectify errors, and control how attachments in your emails are shared. Our CEO, Mehmet Cakir, shares his insights on the importance of encryption.

Why Emcrpt?

  • Bid farewell to worrying about data breaches! Emcrpt wraps your emails in an impenetrable layer of security, ensuring your information remains confidential.
  • Take control of your messages! Emcrpt puts an end to the unauthorized forwarding chaos, putting the power back in your hands.
  • Oops, made a mistake in that email? No problem! Emcrpt lets you correct errors swiftly and effortlessly, saving you from those cringe-worthy moments.
  • Your privacy matters! With Emcrpt, compliance with GDPR and CCPA becomes a breeze, ensuring you stay on the right side of the law.

To learn more about Emcrpt and its capabilities, please visit

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Murat Guvenc
Britannia House, 11 Glenthorne Road, London, United Kingdom, W6 0LH

About BeamSec

BeamSec is a cybersecurity solutions provider committed to enhancing organizations’ defense against the ever-changing landscape of email-based cyber threats. Our holistic approach to securing your inbound and outbound email communications equips your employees with the awareness and tools needed to confidently detect and counteract email threats.


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